What Are The Simpsons?

What is Simpsons?

is one of the most popular American television shows ever and still going strong since 1989! The show follows the Simpson family who live in a fictional town called Springfield. It pokes fun at culture, society, politics and everything in between with its satirical humor and no topic is off-limits. Over time it has won dozens of awards for its quality and content.

The first seven seasons aired on the Fox network before going into syndication. Since then they have appeared in over a thousand episodes across 24 seasons with no signs of stopping any time soon! The show is currently airing its 23rd season (2013) which has won numerous awards for being one of the funniest seasons yet. Its 24th season is set to start in fall, 2014.

The has been renewed for a 25th season which will air in 2015 and will have the show beating “Gunsmoke” (1955–1975) as the longest running scripted television series of all time! It has won dozens of awards during its run and has been syndicated in over 100 countries making Homer and his family one of the most recognizable families on the planet.

An animated series about a family in Springfield

Their life in a quirky fictional town of . The series is full of satire and parody and funny moments despite its crude and adult humor many parents don’t want children to watch the show because it is too inappropriate for them.

has been on the air since 1989, making it one of the longest running prime time animated shows ever!

The show has won dozens of awards during its run and is one of the most recognized television shows ever!

The show follows a family called The Simpsons, located in the fictional town of Springfield. It pokes fun at our culture, society, politics and everything in between. The Simpsons has been renewed for a 24th season which will make it the longest running scripted television series ever!

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie

These are the characters in the series. Homer is an overweight, lazy and drunk man who tries to do right by his family. Marge is his wife who does most of the work around the house while trying to keep her children under control. Bart is their slapstick loving son with a knack for trouble and Lisa is their well-spoken daughter who enjoys reading and music. Maggie has not been able to talk but keeps Lisa company when she plays guitar (harmonica).

The show pokes fun at culture, society, politics and everything in between! No topic is off limit! The Simpsons also shows us that no matter how bad things get one should never give up hope!

There have been numerous guest appearances from famous people including: Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Tony Blair (the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Bill Clinton and even American President Barack Obama!

Marge Simpson

is the mother of the Simpson family. She is Homer’s wife and tries to keep her children under control from time to time. Marge grew up in Springfield and met Homer as a teenager.

They got married and had three children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie all of whom bring their parents trouble one way or another!

Bart Simpson

He is the son of Homer and Marge who does almost everything at full force which usually ends with him getting hurt or causing damage to other people’s property! For example he was caught on camera punching his sister while watching TV, skateboarding naked in church or eating snowballs made by Ned Flanders’ boss!

Lisa Simpson

Lisa is the smarter and more sophisticated child. She’s a vegetarian, plays the saxophone in a jazz band, is a vegetarian and top of her class at Springfield Elementary School. Although she is seen as extremely intelligent; Lisa has been known to make some pretty poor decisions like becoming addicted to caffeine pills due to stress.

They also have a dog, cat and a talking baby named Maggie. Homer works as a nuclear power plant employee but he dreams of working in a better job, like in the beer brewery or bowling alley.

Mr Burns: Their neighbor

is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is one of the characters in Simpsons who has received most lines on the show and various episodes have focused on him, but he never appears alone with his thoughts, only with other characters. He always wants to increase his power or property by any means necessary, and he is not above sabotaging his own employees or childhood friends. On those occasions when Burns’ heart does seem to be in the right place, it’s usually because he thinks that doing a good deed will bring him wealth or fame

Mr Hank Scorpio: A Halloween special character

Hank Scorpio was a guest star rapper played by black actor Ted Danson. He appeared as a villain The Simpsons had to deal with while they were not allowed to leave the house for Halloween. The character was a parody of gangster rappers and other African-American cultures from that time period.

The whole show is based on jokes

The show gives a comic commentary on American life

The show is an animated comedy that follows the lives of the Simpsons family, who live in a fictional town called Springfield. It pokes fun at culture, society, and politics and no topic are off-limits. The whole show is based on jokes. There are running gags throughout all seasons for example Marge’s blue hair or Homer’s beer belly. Some episodes have a plot but more often than not they are just about making jokes like:

It sometimes has serious themes like man vs technology and it sometimes shows marriage problems (like when Bart makes a prank call to Moe’s Tavern causing Moe to divorce his wife). This could be because some people overlook the fact that this show is a comedy and sometimes take the show too seriously. In one episode Bart goes to a new school because he is so disruptive at his old one. The teachers decide that they are going to bully him worse than all the other kids and this shows how people can always be bullied no matter where they go.


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